Safety Cutter 00200 (1 Box of 12

62.99 (ex. vat)

Box contains pack of 12 items

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0.75 ±0.2 mm
Weight: 8.4 g
Dimensions: L 61.0 x W 31.2 x H 5.5 mm
Materials: ABS, NdFeB magnet, zirconium oxide


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Safety Cutter 00200 (1 Box of 12)

The Slice® 00200 Safety Cutter is one of the first tools Slice designed and remains one of our most popular. Initially conceived for household use—it excels at opening packing tape and retail packaging—the mouse-shaped Safety Cutter has found a home in industrial settings worldwide. Its micro-ceramic blade cuts thin materials effectively while safeguarding fingers with our signature finger-friendly® edge. Use the Safety Cutter’s lanyard hole and built-in magnet to keep this unique tool close at hand.

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