Harness And Fall Arrest Equipment Inspection

Harness and fall arrest equipment Testing Inspection:

Pat O Brien Safety Ltd inspect Safety Harness , Retractable Lanyard, Height Rescue Kits and cabling equipment. Our trained inspectors can carry out inspections in house or on site.

We can call to site and recertify your Safety Harness Kits this service is carried out every 6 months. Before you use any fall arrest product, you must check for faults, wear and tear that may lead to failure of the equipment. Below is a checklist of possible faults.

This list is only a guide. You must be trained in the inspection of Safety harness kits. Safety Harness tool box talks available

· Cuts

· Tears

· Burns

· Chemical Damage

· Frayed Materials

· Stitching and Threads

· Corrosion of Metal

· Distortion of Components

· Springs and Keepers

· Plastic Components

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Harness And Fall Arrest Equipment Testing