Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper 10593 (1 Box of 12)

222.99 (ex. vat)

Box contains pack of 12 items

Product Specifications

Weight: 64.8 g
Dimensions: L 137.0 x W 73.2 x H 21.0 mm
Materials: GFN, TPEE, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide


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The Slice® 10593 Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper is another finger-friendly® addition to our expanding line of safety tools. It features a rounded-tip 10526 safety blade housed in a sturdy, ergonomic, reinforced nylon handle with soft grips for user comfort. Compared with manual scrapers, auto-retractable scrapers typically risk causing hand strain as the user absorbs pressure in the thumb that keeps the blade extended. Slice solves this problem by introducing SureScrape™, a mechanism that reduces strain so users don’t have to choose between safety and comfort. As with all Slice safety ceramics, the 10593’s blade is oil and lubricant free, chemically inert, and never rusts.

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