Temporary works Co-ordinator

This innovative 2 day course is designed to provide those on site who have responsibility for supervising temporary works with the essential knowledge to deliver on this often contentious area of construction activity. It is also suitable for builders and specialist contractors, utilities, civil engineering contractors, supervisors, graduates and site engineers wishing to begin the educational journey to become competent Temporary Works Co-Ordinators.

The course is based on Section 2 Procedural control of temporary works of BS 5975:2019 and includes one day tutor lead legislative guidance and a second day of workshop providing the essential practical aspect of Temporary Works Co ordination. Detailed, well-designed course hand-outs are issued – but the program does not involve structural calculations.

The programme will not make the learner competent unless they have previous knowledge, experience and training but will serve to provide essential information in achieving the right information on your educational journey.

This is a two day programme delivered over two consecutive days.

Full attendance of the 2 day course is required. There is an examination at the end of the course which consists of 20 questions all of which is based upon the course content delivered over the two day, this is a closed book examination

Exam & Certificate

On successful completion candidates will be awarded:

  • Temporary Works Co-ordinator Certificate

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