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POBS are providers of level 1,2 & 3  mental health first responder. 


Level 1 teaches the student the basics of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and self harm.  The learner will gain an understanding of how to recognise when someone is suffering from these problems and more importantly if they themselves may be suffering. 

It will be discussed on a basic level when you need to contact emergency services for someone who may need help.

Level 1 is basic and concentrates on identifying the different types of mental health problems and understanding the illness. 

Level 1 takes 4 hours to deliver.

Level 2 is a full day course and goes more in depth into more mental health issues such as anxiety disorders, complications of depression and associated illnesses.

The learner will be taught how to simulate a conversation with someone needing help, how to initiate the conversation with someone who needs help, and assist until further help arrives.

We will also go into more detail as to how to look after your own mental health.

Level 3 is a two day course and is a supervisor in mental health.  This is mainly for managers or existing first aiders in the workplace and covers all of the content in level two but spends more time teaching the student skills to monitor colleagues for signs of poor mental health and develop initiatives in the workplace

We limit places to 8 on a course and can be conducted via zoom or in person.

Certification is provided by POBS.

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