Emergency Retrieval Training using a Sked Stretcher

During the training, participants will learn the skills needed to use the SKED stretcher correctly and ensure the patient’s well-being throughout the rescue process.

  • Knowledge of the SKED stretcher :
    Participants will be trained on the features and components of the SKED stretcher, including its operation, structure and maximum load capacity. They will also learn how to inspect the stretcher for damage or defects.
  • Immobilisation techniques :
    Participants will learn different immobilisation techniques to ensure patient stability and safety during transport. This will include the use of safety straps and neck, head and spinal supports.
  • Lifting and transport methods :
    Participants will learn best practice for lifting, moving and transporting the SKED stretcher with the patient inside. This will include multi-person lifting techniques, the use of ropes and pulleys, as well as specific methods for overcoming obstacles such as stairs or uneven terrain.
  • Team communication and coordination :
    In an evacuation or rescue situation, effective communication and coordination between team members is essential. Participants will learn how to work as a team and communicate clearly to ensure smooth and safe movement of the SKED stretcher and patient.
  • Practical scenarios :
    An important part of the training can be practical scenarios where participants will have the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills into practice. This will allow them to familiarise themselves with the real challenges they may face when using the SKED stretcher.

Who Should Attend the Emergency Retrieval Training ?
This training is designed for people who work in occupations where there is a high risk of injury (building sites, factories, etc.).

Training Assessment / Certification ?
All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive a POBS certificate for Sked Stretcher emergency retrieval

Emergency Retrieval Training Duration 
1 Day

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