COVID-19 Compliance Management Training Course

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Compliance Management Safety Training Course is a tailored programme specifically designed and produced primarily for ALL sectors (excluding construction) of the Irish market, including Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Hospitality, Childcare, Education, Public & Corporate Sectors. This course adheres to all Government, HSA & HSE guidance and includes the principals set out in Government ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’ document dated 8th of May 2020. In relation to this document it states; ‘An employer will appoint at least one lead worker representative whose role is to work collaboratively with the employer to assist in the implementation of measures and monitor adherence to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID -19.
The worker representative should, together with the COVID-19 response management team, support the implementation of the measures identified in this national protocol. Such a person or persons should be clearly identifiable in the workplace and receive the relevant and necessary training’
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Compliance Management Training Course is aimed at persons taking up the role of a COVID-19 Compliance Manager, Officer or Lead Worker Representative in their workplace. This Training Course covers issues that would be viewed as essential for compliance personnel dealing with the threat and dangers imposed by the spread of COVID-19 in the work environment.

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Topics covered in this programme will include:

• What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

• Applicable legislation

• Factors involved in the spread of the virus

• (COVID-19) Facts and Figures

• Symptoms of (COVID-19)

• List of documents that need updating and what actions must be taken.

• Pre-planning of work activities

• Travelling to and from work.

• Prevention of cross contamination (COVID-19)

• COVID-19 Compliance Manager / Lead Worker Representative roles and duties (daily proactive and reactive)

• Welfare Facilities (canteen, toilets, etc.)

• Work offices and spaces

• Walkways within the workplace

• First Aid Recommendations

• (COVID-19) PPE Requirements

• Meeting requirements

• Delivery requirements

• Returning to work after COVID-19 virus

• Cleaning of contaminated areas (confirmed and suspected cases)

Please note that we also provide a COVID-19 Compliance Officer Training Course designed specifically for the Construction sector.

The COVID-19 Compliance Management Training Course is certified by POBS and on successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a Certificate and Card with their photograph attached.

We provide all course participants with the following COVID-19 resources.
• Return to Work Safety Protocol Document
• Return to Work Timeline
• COVID-19 Employee Induction PowerPoint. (Inductions are mandatory)
• Employee Induction Questionnaire to assess & achieve learner outcomes.
• COVID-19 Defence Checklist
• Employee COVID-19 Return to Work Questionnaire (mandatory)
• COVID-19 Infographics/Poster Templates
• COVID-19 12 Page Risk Assessment (sample document)
• Other C-19 related support documentation

The COVID-19 Compliance Management Training Course is conducted over a two-hour period.

Delivery Methods:
Primary Method: Virtual Training carried out through Zoom virtual training platform.

Participant Requirements:
• Good level of English as this course is delivered through oral and written English.
• Laptop, desktop, or tablet with audio and camera and sufficient broadband to stream live course. A test run will be done before training with all participants to test technical compliance.
• There will be a short multi choice assessment which can be completed on your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. A link will be sent by email or text during the course.


For Bookings and more information contact:
Michael: 086 606 2858
Colm: 086 157 0826
Pat: 086 268 2683

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