Confined Space Entry (High Risk) Training Course

This course is designed to ensure that delegates understand the legal requirements associated with high risk confined space entry. The training will include the practical skills to apply safe systems of work and will cover the competent use of appropriate equipment for safe entry and operations in these environments. The use of extensive confined space simulations will allow the delegates achieve the learning outcomes in a safe realistic environment.


To provide the participant with the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of confined space rescue including the wearing of Escape Breathing Apparatus, Full Breathing Apparatus and Airline Breathing Apparatus.

Etering a Confined Space

Course Content:

Course Programme:


Recognising Confined Spaces

  • Definition
  • Hazards
  • Associated Hazards
  • Case Histories/Studies


  • SHWW Act 2005
  • SHWW CFS Regs 2001 & ACoP
  • SHWW Construction Regs 2006
  • SHWW General Application Regs 2007

Hazardous Atmospheres

  • Gases Fumes Vapors
  • Oxygen
  • Use of Gas Monitors


  • Access Equipment
    • Tripods
    • Hoists/Winches
    • Fall Arrestors
    • Confined Space Harness
  • Breathing Apparatus
    • Escape Sets
    • Working Sets
  • Safety Lines
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance, Calibration, Certification Requirements for Equipment

Safe Systems of Works

  • Supervision
  • Competent Staff
  • Risk Assessments
  • Control Measures
  • Emergency Plan
  • Equipment
  • Permit to Work
  • Method Statements


  • Infectious Diseases, Weils Disease, PPE

Practical Exercise

  • Based on Safe System of Work. Personal issue of equipment to all delegates. Exercise takes place in CFS Simulator.


  • Theory Questionnaire
  • Practical Assessment

Course Review

  • Questions/Answers


Working Breathing Apparatus

  • Full participation with each delegate issued with individual. Set for duration of programme.

Use of Full Working & Airline Breathing Apparatus

Types of Breathing Apparatus

  • Filter Sets
  • Respirator Rates
  • Powered Respirator
  • 10 minute Escape Set
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Airline Breathing Apparatus

Respirator Rates

  • Working Duration of SCBA
  • Air Consumption Rates

Safe Systems of Work

  • Choice of Equipment
    • Working Sets
    • Airline

Working Breathing Apparatus

  • Assembly
  • Pre-User Checks
  • Face Seal Test
  • Wearing The Set
  • Walkabout Exercise
  • Post Use Checks

Working Breathing Apparatus Practical Exercise

  • Safe System of Work
  • Confined Space Entry wearing Full Breathing Apparatus using associated equipment including Tripod, Hoist, Harness, Gas Monitors, Safety Lines wearing Full SCBA Set

Airline Breathing Apparatus (IF SPECIFIED)

  • Air Sources – Cradle, Trolley and Trailer
  • Assembly
  • Pre-Use Checks
  • Face Seal Test
  • Wearing the Set
  • Escape feature on Airline BA
  • Exercise
  • Post Use Checks


  • Delegates are assessed during Practical Exercises


2 Day


All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive a POBS certificate for Confined Space Entry (High Risk) Course and a photo site card, valid for three years..

Please Note: Due to the level of realism provided and practical aspects of the training appropriate PPE is necessary for learners to operate comfortably in the unit. (Hard Hat; Protected Toe-cap Shoes/Boots; Safety Gloves; Loose Fitting Top & Trousers)

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