Asbestos Removal Training Course

Asbestos is an excellent thermal and electrical insulator, and is highly fire-resistant, so for much of the 20th century, it was very commonly used across the world as a building material, until its adverse effects on human health were more widely acknowledged in the 1970s.

During this training course, participants will learn what asbestos really is, what the risks are, and how to remove it.

  • Part 1 : Introducing Asbestos

Introducing asbestos
Types of asbestos
Main types of asbestos material (friable and non-friable)
Health problems associated with asbestos
How does exposure occur?
Who is affected by asbestos?

  • Part 2 : Asbestos containing materials and where you are likely to find them

Types of asbestos containing materials and where you may find them in the workplace and in homes

  • Part 3 : Legislation

Principal Asbestos Legislation and guidance
Management of asbestos containing materials

  • Part 4 : Removal of lower risk asbestos containing materials

The Safe Handling & Disposal of Lower Risk ACMs (asbestos containing materials).
Before removal works commence
Understanding Method Statements and Risk Assessments
Removal techniques and safe work practices
The importance of Control Measures
Exposures Limits and air monitoring
The correct choice and use of PPE & RPE
Accidental damage, general procedures and emergency procedures
Decontamination on site and record keeping
Waste disposal and storage on site
Other specific hazards

Who Should Attend the Emergency Retrieval Training ?

for all employees who are, or are likely to be, exposed to asbestos-containing dust. Training shall be easily understandable to employees and shall enable employees to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills as regards prevention and safety.

Training Assessment / Certification ?

All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive a POBS certificate for Asbestos Awarness which lasts 3 years

Emergency Retrieval Training Duration 

Half day / Full day duration. Limited to 12 candidates

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