Temporary Works General Awareness

The Temporary Works General Awareness training course clarifies what are temporary works, identifies common issues resulting from badly managed temporary works and reviews internationally recognised standards for managing temporary works.

The course assumes limited or no detailed previous knowledge of temporary works.

The course is intended as an awareness course and briefly covers what temporary works is, common issues and the management process.  It is a one day course designed for those who are NOT undertaking the role of Temporary Works Co-ordinator or Supervisor.

Although attendance at this Course is not pre-requisite for the Temporary Works Co-ordinator or Supervisor courses, it may be useful for candidates to undertake this course prior to attending as it will provide candidates with a basic knowledge of temporary works.

Aims and Objectives

Raise awareness and impart knowledge of what constitutes temporary works, their function and to understand their safety critical importance.

Familiarise delegates with industry recognised general procedures for managing temporary works and the tools available to help with the process.

Review the procedures outlined in BS 5975:2008 which are recognised as industry best practise which have been adopted internationally within the construction industry.

To identify the references to temporary works in ROI Health & Safety Legislation and HSA guidance and the relationship between temporary works designers and the PSDS/PSCS.

To be able to identify common temporary works issues and the temporary works management process.

Raise awareness of the roles and responsibilities involved in the temporary works process.

Raise standards and improve knowledge which could be applied across the industry, thus avoiding unnecessary supplementary training.

To allow delegates to appreciate the statutory requirements and the health & safety roles and responsibilities relating to temporary works.

To allow delegates to demonstrate they have received formal training on general temporary works awareness.

Target Audience

Delegates who are not likely to be TWC’s or TWS’s in the near future but may be involved in temporary works process.

The target audience is directors, contract managers, site foremen, estimators, planners, commercial managers & project leads, PSCS & PSDS.

Health and safety professionals wishing to gain a better understanding of temporary works.

Part of graduate programme.

Delegates not directly from civil engineering or building sectors who may use temporary works e.g. mechanical and electrical; contractors, local authority building maintenance, nuclear decommissioning, utility companies.

Principal designers/PSCS/PSDS and clients representatives.

People from the training industry-University and College lecturers.

Permanent works designers involved in temporary works, other consulting or structural engineers.


A  POBS/Charles Hutchison Consulting In-house certificate will be issued.

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