Side Loader

Course outline for this Side Loader training program.

The course is especially designed for the experienced operator who wish to apply for assessment.

On completion of the course trainees.

  1. Will be able to identify the key aspects of legislation, which applies to the safe preparation, loading, and operation of a Side loader.
  2. Can prepare a Side loader for work safely without risk to themselves or other people.
  3. Will be able to carry out daily and routine maintenance.
  4. Can state the identified knowledge that underpins understanding of driving a loaded Side loader.
  5. Can operate a Side loader safely without risk to themselves or others.
  6. Will know the procedure to follow when on a highway.
  7. Will know the limitations of the vehicle.


Safety Boots, High Visibility Vest, hard hat and must have a good understanding of English or be accompanied by an interpreter .

Duration: 1  days refresher or conversion for the experienced operator, 8.30am to 4.30pm each day,

Cost:  For an immediate quotation please ring 086 2682683

Location: All training carried out in your own work environment .

Maximum number of trainees:   3

Certification:    POBS Certificate.

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