Rescue from Tower Cranes

Location: Clients Tower Crane

Programme Duration: 1 Day

Programme Aim:
To teach workers the skills necessary to carry out the rescue of an injured/fallen worker from a Tower Crane

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this course, participants will:
Understand the importance of a swift rescue response in the event of an accident on a Crane.
Be able to demonstrate ability to use a D Rope rescue kit, to lower a casualty to the ground, to rescue a casualty from a ladder, and carry out a rescue of a worker suspended on a lanyard.
Understand dangers of harness induced suspension trauma.
Understand the importance of casualty handling and management during the rescue phase, and post rescue.
The participant will also understand the need for regular practice of the skills learnt.

Training Method:
Theory session followed by clear demonstrations by instructor of skills in a practical environment, followed by practical exercises for participants.

Participant Profile:
Individuals whose work will require them to climb on Tower Cranes, or to respond to an incident on a crane

Participant Numbers:
Maximum number of trainees will be 6 per session

Pre-Course requirements:
Participants must hold a current Safe Pass

Assessment method:
Instructor question and answer sessions throughout training programme. Observation of correct safe practices. End of course question paper.

Certification: POBS Cert valid for 2 years

Training facilities: Tower Crane

Instructor requirements:
Instructor to hold current Miller by Honeywell Rope access and fall protection trainer certificate.

Equipment requirements:
Each participant must have their own:
Full Body Harness

For class training instructor will provide:
Rescue Kit
Safety Signage
First Aid kit
Training Dummy

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