PAT Testing Training

Portable Appliance Testing Training

Duration: 1 Day Course

PAT Training Objectives:

Our Portable Appliance Testing Training/course is run in accordance with Regulation 81 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 which states that an employer shall ensure, where appropriate, that a competent person should:

  • Test portable equipment.
  • Certify that portable electric appliances (including any cables and plugs) was, on the day of testing, safe and without risk to any persons coming into direct or indirect contact with the portable appliance.
  • Report any faults with portable appliances that has failed the test and prevent them from being put into use.

From understanding the basics of electricity to performing Portable Appliance Testing Training this course has it all. Learning from an experienced PAT Tester the course includes a module on starting out as a PAT Tester.

Module 14: Moving on includes advice on: 

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Adaptors
  • Labels and other accessories required to carry out the work professionally.

In addition to ongoing telephone support a Q&A session rounds off the training day ensuring all your needs are met. The course is ideally suited to those who wish to pursue a career in PAT Testing, or as an additional service to complement other services, Electricians, Facility Managers, Maintenance Technicians etc. The course is 50/50 theory and practice, with a large range of appliances including, IT, Domestic and Construction, this course is extremely popular with all trainee.

  1. Understanding Electricity, The Basics
  2. Dangers of Working with Electricity
  3. Control Measures
  4. What is PAT Testing
  5. Legislation
  6. Competency
  7. Types of Equipment
  8. Risk Assessment
  9. Appliance Classification
  10. Visual Inspections
  11. Essential Tests
  12. Testing Leads
  13. Optional Tests
  14. Moving On

Basic requirements: A clear understanding of English, Safety Boots or Shoes.

Optional: If you have a Pat Tester you are welcome to bring it along.

Max Class: 6 Trainees. Also available on a one to one basis.

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