Mobile Elevating Work Platform Instructor (MEWP)

Mobile Elevate Work Platform Instructor Course Details

Learning Outcomes: Over the 4 days the Candidates who successfully complete this course will learn the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver MEWP Operator Training and Instruction.

Course Duration: 4 days

Maximum Number: 5


Candidate Requirements: All candidates must have a good understanding of oral and written English. Training Qualification to QQI Level 6 or equivalent is highly recommended. Candidates may attend the MEWPS Instructor Course without having a training qualification and they will receive a Certificate of Attendance on completion of course.

Certification and Accreditation: Candidates who produce proof of their QQI level 6 Training Qualification within 6 months of successfully completing the MEWP Instructors Course will receive MEWP Instructors Card and Certificate of Successful Completion.

Resource Material: Candidates who successfully complete all practical and theory assessments will be provided with all material required to deliver a MEWPS Operator Training Course including PowerPoint, Course Notes, Health & Safety Legislation, Trainee Assessment Sheets and more.


Day 1: MEWP Operator Training – Candidates will complete the MEWP Operators Course that they themselves will be delivering as MEWP Training Instructors. Modules include:

  • Legislation in relation to Health & Safety and Working at Heights
  • Harness & Lanyard Safety
  • Working at Height Training from MEWPS including Trauma Suspension and Rescue Plans
  • MEWP Categories
  • Safe Operation of MEWPS including Pre-Use Inspections and Operations.
  • Identifying Risks and Hazards associated with MEWPS
  • Spotter Training – Safety Awareness and Responsibilities
  • Refuelling & Maintenance
  • Operator Theory and Practical Assessments

Day 2: MEWP Demonstrator Training – This will involve more intensive practical training on the different categories of MEWPS including specialised MEWPS such as Static Booms (Spider Lifts / Vehicle Mounted)

Day 3: Training Delivery & Evaluation – Candidates will learn and demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to deliver the course material both in the classroom and the delivery of practical training with different categories of MEWPS.

Day 4: Recap and Assessments – The first part of the day will involve the tutor completing a recap and review with the candidates, and then an independent examiner will supervise and audit the theory and practical assessments.


Day 5: Working at Height Instructors Course and Harness & Lanyard Inspectors Course (recommended)

  • See Next Page for Details on Working at Height Instructors and Harness & Lanyard Inspectors Course.

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