MEWP-Cherry Picker-Boom Hoist

MEWP-Cherry Picker-Boom Hoist Introduction

MEWP’s are widely used in the workplace and are quickly replacing ladders and tower scaffolds as the preferred method of access. However, operators are often asked to use machines without being given any formal training. As a result, they are not aware of the safety precautions required or individual capabilities of the MEWP itself. If you are an employer, it is a legal requirement to ensure employees are provided with adequate training for safe operation of equipment.

It’s also worth noting that trained operators are safer operators and MEWP safety training can enhance operator productivity.

We offer MEWP Training on the following equipment:

  • Scissor Lift (Mobile Vertical)
  • Self Propelled Boom (Mobile/SP Boom)
  • Vehicle Mounted Platform up to 26 metres (Static Boom/VMP26)
  • Combined course covering any of the above categories of MEWP

On successful completion delegates can:

  • Operate an MEWP safely and correctly in accordance with the Manufacturers handbook
  • Clearly understand the causes of instability while operating an MEWP
  • Carry out correctly, a pre-use inspection of an MEWP
  • Work safely at height with MEWPs
  • Understand fully the procedures for the emergency lowering of the MEWP in the event of an emergency

MEWP Training Content Includes

  • Legislation and the use of MEWP’s
  • Basic types and specification of MEWP’s
  • Hazards associated with using MEWP’s
  • MEWP Accident Analysis
  • Daily pre-use checks and maintenance requirements
  • Safety precautions while using MEWP’s
  • Positioning of the MEWP
  • Re – fueling and Battery charging procedures
  • Raising and lowering the MEWP safely and correctly
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Evaluating Ground Conditions
  • Practical and Written Test

This course complies with requirements under current Health and Safety Legislation.

  • Course Overview Timeframe: 1 Day Course
  • Participants: Individual or Group Bookings
  • Scissors Lift Training (Mobile Vertical)
  • Self-Propelled Boom (Mobile/SP Boom)
  • Vehicle Mounted up to 26m (Static Boom)
  • Combined Course

Additional Working at Height Training in Harness & Lanyard Usage is also recommended.

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