Managing Safety in Construction

Course title: Accredited Managing Safely in Construction


This course covers relevant legislation, duties of employers, employees, clients, contractors, sub-contractors, risk assessment and control, accident/incident investigation, training needs for managers and supervisors in the construction industry.

Who should attend:

This course is designed for line managers, supervisors and senior site staff who have a responsibility for health and safety within the organisation.

Course Objectives:

– Understand relevant health and safety legislation and specific legislation, codes of practice, guidance notes, its impact on managerial responsibilities and sources of information, advice and guidance on compliance

– Distinguish between the duties and responsibilities of the employer and employee, client, contractor and sub contractor

– Be able to verify the competence of contractors and sub-contractors

– Have an understanding of risk assessment and risk control, risk rating systems identifying common and specific hazards relative to the industry

– Describe the concept of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions

– Be able to select workplace precautions relative to the hazards and record results of risk assessments and carry out reviews

– Understand the principles and statutory requirements of accident/incident investigation, reporting and recording

– Know the importance of continuous active monitoring

– Explain the importance of consultation with employees or their representatives and identify training needs.

Course summary:

– Registration, welcome and introductions

– Explanation of syllabus, outline of the examination written paper and practical risk

– Assessment report

– Why manage health and safety?

– Management Controls

– Accidents

– Law

– Management Regulations

– Risk Management

– Health & Safety Policies

– Site Specifics: Regulations concerning “Construction” works

– Human Factors

– Communication

– Training

– Monitoring

– Practical exam & written exam

Delegates per course: Up to 20 candidates

Course duration: 4 Days

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