Lorry Load Security

The aim of Lorry Load Security course is to

Provide you with the theoretical knowledge of Safe Loading/Unloading & Load Security.
Equip you with the necessary skills to be safer in the working environment. Key elements
The programme includes key elements of the European best practice guidelines on cargo securing for road transport and incorporates the new revised standard. Lorry Load Security programme will answer questions such as-:
What are the limitations on axle loads?
Which loading and securing techniques should be applied to a specific cargo?
How many lashings and other safety equipment should be used for a specific cargo?
The topics covered include risks and responsibilities, technical standards, laws of physics, vehicle characteristics, categories of good transported, best practice for loading, securing material and techniques.
At the end of this session you will understand:

Forces affecting vehicles in motion
Calculation of payload of vehicle or assembly
Calculation of total volume
Load distribution
Consequences of overloading the axle, vehicle stability and centre of gravity
Types of packaging and pallets.
Markings of vehicles with special load (e.g. Oversized load, wide load)
Clamping and securing techniques
Use of securing straps and ratchets
Checking of securing devices
Use of handling equipment
Placing and removal of tarpaulins and rope nets.
What needs to be taken into account when securing a load

The nature of the load
The suitability of the vehicle
The stability of the load
The type of restraint
The condition of the restraint (i.e. wear and tear)
Protection from the weather
Prevention of theft
Ease of delivery

Duration: 1 Day course


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Lorry Load Security