HI-AB (Lorry Mounted Crane)

The term lorry loader covers an extraordinary range of equipment. The smallest compact lorry loaders are fitted to builders’ pick-up trucks and vans often with a lifting capacity of less than 500 kilograms and are manually operated. This contrasts with a top-of-the-range lorry loader fitted to a purpose-built tractor or four axle truck. These could be fitted with a knuckle boom and up to 8 hydraulic extensions lifting in excess of 150 tones, and with a reach over 30 meters.

The complexity of operating the various machines that fall into this category highlight the wide variety of skills required.

Course Details:


  • Duties of operator
  • Responsibilities of operator
  • Pre-Shift inspections
  • Maintenance of machines
  • Hazards associated when operating the machine


  • Inspections of machine before use
  • Risk assessment in working environment
  • Wearing of correct PPE
  • Loading / Unloading of different types of loads when using chains or slings
  • Recognition and use of approved hand signals


  • POBS certification on completion

Duration: 1 day for experienced operators

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