Familiarization Forklift Supervisor Training

Objective of Forklift Supervisor Training

Familiarisation training is the last stage of training for forklift truck operators. It does not necessarily require a qualified instructor to do this as the person’s supervisor may be able to do it provided they have the requisite knowledge and experience.


Course Outline

  • Applying, under normal working conditions, the skills already learned in basic and specific training, starting with simple tasks and developing to the more complex ones
  • Becoming familiar with the lift truck activities of the employer
  • Familiarisation with site layout, local emergency procedures and any other feature of the work which it is not practicable to teach off the job. In summary. The training of forklift operators includes three stages which are:
  • Basic training
  • Specific job training
  • Familiarisation training



  • 1 Full-day course



  • Once familiarisation training has been carried out the training of a forklift operator may be said to be complete and POBS certificate will be provided.


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