Ergonomic/VDU Workstation Assessment

Individualised Ergonomic / VDU Workstation Assessment to Employees

An ergonomically congenial work area is crucial to good working posture, without it, aches and pains, stiffness and headaches can eventually lead to staff absenteeism.

Through an understanding of fundamental ergonomic principles Occupational health can effect positive change in your organisation and work practice by providing Individualised Ergonomic Assessments to employees. We can address sitting posture, desktop and equipment layout, vision and glare issues, work patterns, breaks and stress management, which has a very positive impact on the well-being of staff, by reducing the number of repetitive strain injuries in the work environment. It can also increase workforce morale.

POBS is committed to excellence in health, fitness and well-being in the workplace. We offer cost-effective assessments and reports, which help prevent repetitive strain injuries. The Individualized assessment aims to increase the awareness of poor Ergonomic positioning and helps to improve work practices.

Risk Analysis on VDU’s

Individualised assessments encourage a healthy attitude

Occupational health also provides the facility for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Individualized Risk Assessments.

This practical assessment is designed to train participants in the skills of effective self risk assessment which will enable each individual to carry out their own personal work station assessment. This will benefit both the employee and the organisation and increase their awareness of poor Ergonomic positioning.

Duration:  20 minute assessment per employee

Report:  POBS report for each employee

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Ergonomic / VDU Workstation Assessment to Employees