Environmental Management Awareness

environment policy

Course Objectives: 

To provide Environmental Awareness Training to management in construction environments to give good management practices and reduce environmental impacts from construction works.


Candidates will receive a Pat O’Brien certificate which is valid for 3 years.

  Duration:  1 Day



Class-room based at your premises or at one of our training facilities (Maximum of 12 candidates per course)

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Environmental Management 

Current Status of environmental management required in construction.

Good environmental management practices.

Environmental impacts of construction works.

  1. Environmental Legal and Regulatory Requirements 

Overview of relevant / significant pieces of environmental legislation.

Legislative requirements and best practical approach to compliance.

Legislation workshop to demonstrate understanding.

  1. General Site Environmental Matters & Controls (Environmental best practice measures)

Waste Management & Housekeeping.

Material Storage.

Water Management (Conservation & Use).

Environmental Emissions (atmosphere, noise, vibration, dust, vehicles, ground etc.).

Ecology & Natural Environment (Protected areas and flora and fauna).

Archaeology & Protected Structures.

Sub-Contractor controls.

Environmental Communications (Regulatory, internal and external)

  1. Environmental Management Planning & Controls 

Environmental Management Plans (EMP).

Waste Management Plans (WMP).

Training Awareness and Competency.

Environmental Responsibilities.

Environmental Management Systems.

Environmental Emergency Response

Exercise – WMP or EMP drafting from a template.

  1. Environmental Monitoring, Inspection & Auditing 

Monitoring requirements.

Environmental Inspections & Audits.

Environmental Improvement and Objectives & Targets.

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