Electricity Awareness Training

Electricity Awareness Training Course Aim:   

To give participants a clear understanding of Electricity, its properties as relevant to plant and equipment and how Electrical Systems work in industry. This ensures participants acquire a basic competency to interact safely and effectively re electrical and plant related issues.


Electricity Awareness Training Course Overview: 

The different modules build competence in a structured manner allowing the participant to develop familiarity step by step and advance through each module with a level of confidence and achievement. The course is designed with theory, practical sessions and individual exercises intermixed in a manner that encourages learning.


Learning Objectives: 

To understand basic electricity and basic electromagnetism, key electrical principles and power calculations. Wire-up, test and operate a range of different electrical circuits using the work board, toolbox and multimeter provided. Understand basic electrical safety and how to deal with personal safety, testing and safety issues on site.


Modules and Lessons: 

Basic Circuit; symbols, diagrams, drawings, units, Ohm’s Law, power. Use of multimeter.

Protection; MCB’s, Fuses, MCCB’s, RCD’s, RCBO’s, O/L’s, curves, discrimination, fusing factor.

Motors and Motor Control; Starter (Contactor + O/L), electromagnetism, transformers, induction motors, balanced/unbalanced loads and three-phase power. Use of gripammeter.

Safety earthing and bonding; personal shock risk protection. PPE and safe work practices. Electrical standards and regulations.

Power; kWatts and kVA loads. Power factor basics. Max demand and plant diversity.

Duration: 1 day

Location: Class-room based at your premises or at one of our training facilities (Maximum of 12 candidates per course)


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Electricity Awareness Training