Pat O’Brien Safety offers a range of consultancy services tailored to support and improve your workplace health and safety performance. We understand that every organisation is unique. We spend time getting to know your business so that the outcomes we deliver directly assist you to meet your strategy workplace safety goals.

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Workplace Safety
Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service

Consultancy Service

Environmental Consultancy Service

Workplace Safety Consultancy Service

  • Workplace inspections
  • Workplace site safety Management
  • Review and development of OHS policy and procedures
  • Auditing of safety management systems
  • Early intervention
  • Specialist risk assessment
  • Ergonomic assessments and workplace design
Workplace Safety Consultancy Services
Fire Consultancy Services

Fire Consultancy Service

  • Fire Management System Auditing
  • Site Visits

Asbestos Consultancy Service

  • Asbestos Audits and reporting
  • Asbestos Sampling and reporting
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
Asbestos Consultancy Services
Security Consultancy Services

Security Consultancy Service

  • Security Auditing and reporting
  • Security Awareness Training, employers and employees

Noise Consultancy services

  • To carry out a Noise at Work Assessment of current noise levels within your premises or your facility based on current legislation, – SI No. 299/2007 – Safety Health & Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, Part 5 “Physical Agents”
  • Operator Positions along Production Line Machinery (Fixed position measurement) – LAeq measurement sample.
  • General Spatial Average throughout Production Facility.(Measurement in the general vicinity) – LAeq measurement sample.
Noise Consultancy Services
Environmental Consultancy Services

Environmental Consultancy Services

  • Legionella testing and reporting
  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Environmental audits and reporting

Our overall experience allows for flexible methods of service to meet the varied needs of our customers, regardless of industry or location. Our consultants work very closely with employers across the private and public sectors to complement internal workplace health and safety expertise

Safety Statement Design & Review

A Safety Statement is a company’s documented programme for ensuring the safety, health and welfare of employees while at work.

Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 provides that every employer must have a written safety statement based on the hazards identified and the risk assessment under Section 19 and setting out how the safety, health and welfare of employees will be secured and managed. Using the information gathered in the risk assessment, we will assist you in developing your policies and compiling your safety statement.

The Safety Statement will include:

  • The hazards identified and the risks assessed
  • The protective and preventive measures taken
  • The resources allocated to safety, health and welfare
  • The plans and procedures for dealing with emergencies in compliance with sections 8 and 11
  • The duties of employees as regards safety, health and welfare at work
  • The names and job titles of persons assigned to perform tasks pursuant to the safety statement

HSA has the right to publish names and addresses of those subjected to a prohibition notice with High Court Order or a penalty following a court conviction.

Safety Support Services