Safety & Maintenance of Stilts when Plastering

Course Dates

This course only occurs as a private course booking and does not run on a public course basis.

This training is in a workshop and discussion format to share existing knowledge about the safe use of stilts with the other attendees.

This course is prepared based on information from the following sources.

  • H.S.A information (Safe System of Work Plan forms)
  • H.S.E (UK) information.
  • NSW Work Cover Fact Sheet
  • Review of Manufacturers instruction sheets

This program would include information such as:

  • Background to using stilts
  • What surfaces are suitable for using stilts
  • Work Environment & Layout
  • Conditions of the work area
  • Choosing proper stilts
  • Maintenance & assembly of your stilts,
  • How to use stilts safely- sitting for applying, handrail/ prop to help standing up
  • Work platform for the plaster/ material
  • Most common accidents when using stilts
  • Checklist pre work start
  • Is the site ‘plaster ready’?
  • Is the task stilt suitable?
  • Other equipment as required.
  • Other information; Electrical power, fuels, storage, PPE requirements & so on.

Course Aim

To ensure all persons using stilts are aware of the following:

  • Legal requirements
  • Hazards / Consequences
  • How to carry out a Risk Assessment prior to use
  • How to inspect the stilts prior to use.


3-4 hour duration at your premises or out on site in a suitable training room.

No. of Participants:  8 no.

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