Noise Assessment

Legal requirement

Under the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (General Application)Regulations 2007, companies are obliged to carry out a noise assessment If they believe noise levels over 80 dB (A).

Noise Assessment

An initial site survey would be carried out in order to identify pieces of equipment likely to be in excess of the action levels set out in legislation.

Where possible the measurements would be taken in the undisturbed field i.e without the presence of the operator whose exposure is being monitored with the microphone on a tripod situated approximately in the area where the operator’s head would be. In such cases, the microphone would be placed on the machine side of the operator. Readings would be also taken at random locations throughout the factory.


Noise levels for periods representative of a working day would be taken. These are then used to calculate the Daily Personal Noise Exposure Levels (LEP,d).


POBS will provide a comprehensive report detailing the noise levels and the actions required.

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Noise Assessment