Half-Day Asbestos Awareness Training

This half day course is designed for construction operatives who may accidentally come across asbestos in the course of their duties.

Asbestos Awareness Training Course content:

·         Asbestos Regulations

·         Legal Interpretations

·         What is Asbestos?

·         Types of Asbestos

·         Common use of Asbestos

·         ACM’s (asbestos containing materials)

·         Employers Duties

·         Exposure Limits

·         Why is it Dangerous?

·         Entering the body and types of damage

·         Preparing an Asbestos Policy

·         Safe work practices

·         Managing Asbestos in the Workplace

·         Risk Assessment

·         Asbestos survey

·         Notification Requirements H.S.A.

·         Working with Asbestos

·         Training & Instruction

·         Provision & Cleaning of Protective Clothing & Personal Protective Equipment

·         Demolition, Removal

·         Health Assessment

On completion of the training the attendees will be able to list the legal requirements of working with Asbestos. Explain the uses of Asbestos and where it may be used/found, explain the health risks associated with Asbestos, explain the importance of PPE & RPE when working with asbestos and list their responsibilities in managing Asbestos if discovered in the workplace.

This Half-day asbestos awareness training course is a good introduction to asbestos.

Max. 10 people

Certificate of attendance on completion of the course.

The awareness training will be useful for property owners and anyone else who has responsibility for health and safety in the workplace and those who currently are at most risk from inadvertent exposure such as maintenance personnel, electricians, plumbers, fitters, painters and decorators, demolition and construction workers, roofers, telecommunications engineers, fire and burglar alarm installers, computer installers and building surveyors.

One and three day Courses Available.

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Asbestos Awareness Training