Compressed Gas Safety

Compressed Gas Safety Course Objectives:

To give candidates the knowledge to be able to safely use a cylinder of gas.


Candidates will receive a Pat O’Brien certificate which is valid for 3 years.

Duration: 1 Day

Venue: To be agreed.

Course Content:

Introduction to Gas Cylinder/Tank Safety
Main causes of Accidents
Main Hazards
Rules for Safe Working with Gas Cylinders/Tanks
Gas Regulators
Flashback Arrestors
Hoses, Piping, Blow Pipes and Torches
Compressed Gases – unique properties
Handling Gas Cylinders
Transporting Gas Cylinders
Safe Storage
Cylinder Incident Reports
Gas Cylinders Hazards in Your Workplace
Review of appropriate PPE
Health and Safety Legislation
Duties of Employer and Employee’s
Case Study Accident’s
Practical Inspection of Equipment

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