Audiometric Testing

Preventative Audiometric Testing’ is required by legislation where the noise exposure exceeds the lower exposure action levels of 80dB(A)

Hearing Checks are required by legislation where the noise exposure levels are greater than the upper exposure action value 85Db(A)

Hearing Checks must be carried out under the responsibility of a registered medical practitioner (RMP) preferably an Occupational Health Physician
Hearing Checks involve
* Medical Questionnaire on Hearing
* Ear Exam
* Audiometric Screening Test
The regulatory guidelines state that best practice would require use of a sound proof Audio Booth
(Source: Health and Safety Authority Guidelines on Hearing Checks and Audiometry under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, Control of Noise at Work)

POBS offer the complete On-Site Audiometric Testing Solution

* Testing to ISO6189 using sound proof Booth
* Occupational Health Nurse or Audiologist on your site
* Hearing Questionnaire
* Ear Exam
* Audiometry Test
* Qualified Medical Review of Audiogram
* Issue of Test Certificates

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Audiometric Testing